Events management and planning for Central Saint Martins MA Innovation Management Micro-event:
How can we responsibly shape digital futures?

Together with 4 other members from the Digital Futures team, I planned and managed a panel discussion event under the theme of "how can we responsibly shape digital futures?" We invited 4 panelists from the tech industry (where I participated as a facilitator) to discuss the impact of digital technologies on people and society. The event covered topics ranging from digital ethics, tech companies' responsibilities, ways to manage digital impact and public + government's role in the digital era.

Read the full report here (written by Laurie Atkins)

This is part one of the Digital Futures series, for part two, see Digital Futures: workshop.

Event Info:
How can we responsibly shape digital futures?
26th April, 2018
ustwo London, 62 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ

Shreya Srivastava Desai (Team Leader)
Alex Fefegha
Paulina Keamy
Will Zhang
Charis Chang (Photography)