Design Festa vol.42 Japanese + English bilingual promotional flyer
Design Festa is Asia's biggest international art event started in 1994. Welcoming over 10,000 artists and 60,000 visitors nationally and globally, Design Festa's only condition to participation is: the work must be original.
For Design Festa vol.42, I decided to create a mini-flyer that advertise the event using mainly images in a simple accordion fold.
The 10-page mini-flyer consists of 8 pages solely dedicated to each specific area unique to Design Festa - Booth Area, Low-Light Area, Live Painting Area, Workshop Area, Show Stage, Live Stage, and Food Court. 
The flyer is a handy size that fits easily with your everyday essentials.
Event Photography: Toshinobu Hori, Masatake Komine, Tabia Chui, Stephen Jackson, Mami Kamakura, Jas Tanaka